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Kink Meme #1


Welcome to the first kink meme post! Here is where you post your fic requests anonymously.

Confused about how it works? See the intro post here.

Have a question? Ask it here.


  • Post requests anonymously
  • Post only one request per comment
  • You may post as many requests as you like, however try to fill at least one prompt per request. The meme doesn't work if people don't write fic!
  • You must post a pairing (or threesome or moresome) and a prompt, for example: Adam/Kris, first time
  • Your prompt can be a single word, or it can be a detailed scenario.
  • This is an American Idol meme. Any contestant from any season is welcome. Crossovers/other people are also allowed, but at least one person needs to have been a contestant on AI at one point.
  • NO BASHING! Don't like a prompt? Don't read the replies.
  • All pairings/groupings are welcome: slash, het, threesomes, etc. PLEASE no wanking over a pairing. We all know how much some people hate the idea of Adam with a girl, but anything goes here.
  • Fic of any length is accepted - anything from a drabble to fics that take up multiple comments.
  • Please post your fic as a reply to the comment prompt. You're free to do this anonymously or logged in, whichever you prefer.
  • When posting fic, please use the subject line. You can title it, or just call it 'Untitled' or 'Part 1' or whatever. This makes it easier to separate the fic from the other general comments.
  • Remember to leave feedback when you read something you love!

One other note: to make eventual tagging successful, please post multiple comment fic as a reply to each previous part (for example, if your fic is 3 comments long, post part one as a reply to the prompt, part two as a reply to part one, and part three as a reply to part two).

If you want to leave a comment on a fic, you MUST click the 'Reply to this' rather than 'Post a new comment.' Otherwise your comment is just left stranded and the author won't know how much you liked it. All comments like this will be deleted.


Tags: !kink memes, kink meme #1
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