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Sep. 22nd, 2009



I just wanted to let you all know that due to a family emergency I had to travel out of the country unexpectedly for an extended period of time. I apologize that I have been absent and not responding to comments, and I promise that I will have the new kink meme up soon.

Thanks so much for your understanding.

Sep. 9th, 2009

KawaiiNot - thermometer


Mod-approved community pimping!

Hi everybody! Great job on the Kink Meme, and mad props to your awesome, awesome mod. :) I'm here to pimp out an affiliate, aific, and its sister comm, idolmeta!


Talking about Idol fic is almost as much fun as reading and writing it, and idolmeta is just the place where people get to do that! It's open membership, and members are encouraged to take part in discussions and start their own posts. We also host bimontly fic discussion posts, alternating with ontd_ai. If you need help with a WIP, if there's a new story you're dying to rec, if you're wondering who's more of a fandom Little Black Dress, if you have a crazy theory on why Matt Giraud needs to be present in every fic (I do!), come to idolmeta and we'd be happy to discuss it with you!

Important links:
Beta reader post (find your own beta reader, or offer your services as one)
Plot bunny adoption and drop-off post (for writers looking for inspiration, or anyone with an idea they'd like someone else to write)
Ask the Author information and sign-up post (we feature a different author every Thursday and Sunday, and members get to ask them questions!)


A community born out of the intention to create a place where one could be assured of the quality of fanfic posted, aific selects its writers through an application process:
  1. An author will apply by filling out our sign-up form in a comment. The applicant is asked to provide a brief fandom history, and links to three fics he or she wishes to be considered based upon. If they so choose, they may also request constructive criticism from the voters.
  2. Their application will be posted to the community, open to everybody so that they can be voted on. All votes must be anonymous, otherwise they will not be counted. Applications will be open to voting for a period of five (5) days.
  3. The application has to receive at least ten (10) votes for the moderators to determine a majority. If the author receives a majority of "yes" votes, he or she is officially accepted into the community, and will be granted access for cross-posting.
  4. Once accepted, authors are allowed to link back to all of their AI fics written prior to their application in one masterlist post.

I hope to see you all on both comms! :D

Sep. 3rd, 2009


Kink Meme #1 Closed to New Prompts

With nearly 40 pages and close to 5,000 comments, it is time to close out the first Kink Meme. What this means: THE FIRST KINK MEME IS NOW CLOSED TO NEW PROMPTS. I will be starting a new one in the next few days, and in the meantime, please continue to fill prompts or continue fic on the first meme. There are still TONS of unfilled prompts, and you can go back and fill them anytime, even after the next meme opens.

I am going to ask one thing. Some of the prompts are very repetitive. Kradam H/C up against a wall! Kradam H/C on the kitchen table! Kradam H/C under a maple tree! Kradam H/C under an oak tree! And so on. I love Kradam just as much as the next crazy fangirl, but the repetition of the prompts really just clutters up the meme which in turn makes it harder to follow. Please take a moment to check at least a few pages and see if what you're asking for is truly unique. Also, I see that some people are repeating prompts if they don't get filled on an earlier page. Please don't do this as it just makes the meme bigger and messier. PLEASE do not immediately repost all the prompts from that weren't filled on the first meme to the second meme.

The Delicious account is all set up with a chunk of the first stories tagged. My goal for the second meme is to tag not just the fic, but the unfilled prompts as well, which will make it easier for people who are looking for something to write to find a prompt that might be of interest to them. If you repeatedly post lots of very similar prompts, it is going to make a lot more work for me.

I am going to take the next few days to finish organizing the Delicious account, and I hope all of you continue to fill some of the many prompts that we have.

Sep. 1st, 2009


An Important Note About Prompts

There was a bit of controversy surrounding a recent prompt and the resulting fic. I received several comments from people who were very much disgusted by the idea, and they asked me to change the rules to specify that only human parings be allowed. There was also the suggestion of putting it up to a vote. I have not made a post about this yet because I wanted to take the time to really think it through.

After quite a bit of consideration (as well as consulting with people involved with other kink memes) I have decided not to change the rules. I understand that the kink was something that a lot of people find distasteful (or worse) however the founding principle of kink memes is that they are a place where people can request anything. I would go so far as to say the fact that someone requested it, someone else filled it, and multiple people commented positively is reason enough to allow anything here. If they can't come here for something like that, where can they go? Furthermore, I dislike the idea of me, or anyone else for that matter, deciding what kinks are acceptable and which are not. As far as fiction goes, I don't think that any one kink is more harmful than another.

The fic in question was posted properly, and even included a warning at the top. I STRONGLY advise people to navigate the meme with care. I am going to revise the rules (and I will make a proper post about this soon) to say that ALL FIC THAT INCLUDES KINKS THAT MAY BE UPSETTING TO PEOPLE NEEDS TO HAVE A WARNING AT THE TOP EVEN IF THE PROMPT SPECIFICALLY ASKS FOR THAT KINK. The reason for this is that some people read the meme in flat view, which means they don't always see the prompt when they read. I am also going to suggest that people who read in flat view check the parent thread before starting new fic if you have reason to believe that some prompts might upset you. Unfortunately I am not online every minute to police the threads and verify that people are including warnings.

I understand that not everyone will agree with this viewpoint, and my aim is not to upset anyone. I just feel very strongly that there should be a place that is open to anything and everything, and that place is here, where we are all anonymous.

All that said, please try to post prompts that are serious. I don't mean the idea has to be serious (humor and crack are great!) I just mean don't prompt something just for a reaction or laughs. IP logging is off and will remain off forever, so either people will have to police themselves or I will be stuck making judgment calls about what is and is not serious, and I don't want to do that since it takes away from the idea that no one should be making value judgments about what constitutes an appropriate request.

I truly do not mean to upset anyone with this, and I hope that you understand where I am coming from.

Also: I have modified the kink meme post to ask people to PLEASE be careful where they comment. If you want to leave a comment on a fic, you MUST click the 'Reply to this' rather than 'Post a new comment.' Otherwise your comment is just left stranded and the author won't know how much you liked it. All comments like this will be deleted.


Aug. 27th, 2009


Updated Filled Prompt Index

I have updated the filled prompt index for everything that has been posted as of this morning. This will likely be the last version of a post like this. Going forward, everything will be tagged on a Delicious account. For those of you unfamiliar with Delicious, I promise it's easy to use, and works really well. I'll be posting more details later, including a clarification of the rules on how to post prompts for easier indexing. Until then, there's plenty of fic to read, and TONS of prompts to write!

Filled PromptsCollapse )



One final note: If you see any comments on the kink meme that you feel are insulting or wanky, please bring them to my attention. There are a lot of comments on the kink meme and while I try to read them all every day, I do miss stuff. You can PM me or leave a comment in ai_kinkmod.

Aug. 26th, 2009


Kink Meme Discussion Post

Welcome to the first ever AI Kink Meme discussion post! This post is in no way meant to replace the serious fic discussions that happen over at idolmeta. The idea here is to have an anonymous place to discuss anything and everything related to the kink meme.

We currently have nearly 600 prompts on the first kink meme with lots of those filled already. I am currently working to get an updated index up hopefully later today or tomorrow - you people are prolific! But until then, there is plenty to talk about.

I know that consensus from the poll was that people did want to see some organized threads in the discussion post, and I am totally not ignoring you guys on that, but I thought we could just see how it goes for the first discussion. For one thing, this will give a better indication of the types of things everyone wants to discuss, and then if it seems like something people want to do again, we can make it a bit more organized for next time.

For now, just have at it. You can talk about your favorite fics from the kink meme, or which ones you are dying to know who wrote so you can stalk them. Or discuss your favorite prompts - the ones you're tracking and hoping desperately that someone writes. Talk about a prompt you're tempted to write and let others nudge you in that direction. Go nuts! Squee over all the awesome fic! Own up to something you wrote if you want!

Anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off (that is a permanent of this comm, btw), so there's no shame here. Of course you are always free to post logged in if you like. The only thing I ask is no wank please :D

Here's a link to the kink meme: Kink Meme #1

Have fun!

Aug. 23rd, 2009



Announcing a comm for Cassidy Haley fanworks

Since cassidyhaley is about to become 'unofficially official' and some fans may not be comfortable posting their creations there knowing that Cassidy or his people might see them, we thought it would be a good idea to create a comm exclusively for fanworks.

cassidyfanworks is a community that welcomes all Cassidy Haley-inspired fanworks, from fanfic to graphics to drawings and anything in between. Our goal is to be the go-to place for all Cassidy fanworks, so if you have previously posted a Cassidy-inspired creation elsewhere, please feel free to repost to the comm.

We're delighted to affiliate with ai_kinkmeme! Please come join us!

Guidelines are posted here and on the info page

Anyone who wants to post a Cassidy-related kink meme response to the comm but retain anonymity can PM me the url to the thread that starts with your story, and I will post it on your behalf. Please put the prompt in the text of your PM. Your identity is safe with me.

Posted w/ mod permission.


Announcements and Affiliations

It looks like people do want a kink meme fic discussion post, so I'll be putting details about that up in the next day or so. And now for a few announcements:

  • In the original rules, I said that at least one person had to be an American Idol contestant, however I'm amending that to be anyone affiliated with American Idol. So if you want Simon/Ryan, or Brad/Cassidy, or any other combination of people in some way related to AI, that's fine. Just use some common sense.
  • Please post only one request per comment. This helps a lot with indexing and also keeping things organized when the requests get filled. There is no limit to the number of requests you can make, so just post a separate comment for each.
  • Please keep any direct replies to the kink meme as prompt requests. It's fine if you want to reply to the replies to express interest in a prompt or squee over fic or whatever, but the original replies to the meme should be a prompt and a pairing. The meme is already 19 pages long and so to keep it as streamlined as possible, I'm going to delete anything that's not a request - again, replying to replies is fine. Once I start the first discussion post, any random squee can go in there.

We are now affiliated with cassidyfanworks and glambert_fic!



Kink Meme Fic Discussion Posts

I've been thinking about posting period fic discussions to go with the kink meme. These discussions would in no way be serious business fic discussions (for those please go to idolmeta where you can actually learn something useful!) but rather a fun place to discuss anything from the kink meme. For example, you could discuss which stories are your favorites, which ones you're desperate to know who wrote, and what prompts your dying to have filled. You can post anonymous or logged in, and basically talk and flail and squee about anything related to the kink meme as long as it's not wank.

We could try to make it slightly organized by having designated threads, such as a thread for filled prompts discussion, a thread for the unfilled prompts you love the most, etc. The other option is to just go all out crazy. Also, we could have these at prearranged times, or just whenever I get to posting it and then it would just be sort of ongoing. You could come and go whenever, sort of like how the kink meme works.

So with that in mind, I bring you ai_kinkmeme's first ever poll:

Are you interested in an anon kink meme fic discussion post?


Would you rather have these at prearranged times or just whenever they seem necessary?

Prearranged times

Would you like to see some designated threads or just have a free for all?

Designated threads, otherwise it will be a mess.
Free for all! Way more fun that way.
A combination of both in the spirit of compromise.
Ticky ticky.

I'm still looking for volunteers to help with indexing and coding, and if anybody wants to donate their time and creativity to making the comm look a little fancier than I am capable of doing myself, I would be so grateful I'd write any prompt of your choosing. Yes, any. I have no shame.

Aug. 21st, 2009


Filled Prompt Index

As of this morning, we have nearly 30 fics written for the kink meme. The idea is to generate as much fic as possible, so multiple responses to the same prompt are welcome, however please remember to nest your replies (for multiple comment responses, reply each part to the previous comment, rather than reply to the same comment) as this helps a lot with indexing.

There are over 300 prompts listed, so browse through and see if anything inspires you. Once we get onto Delicious, I will tag all of the unfilled prompts as well, to make for easier browsing. We have prompts for incest, aliens made them do it, unicorn porn and water sports, indicating that we are a totally legit kink meme. Aw, you guys! I'm so proud. (But remember that anything goes here - it doesn't have to be porn or kink.)

Remember for those of you still trying to figure out the best way to follow along, try the flat view of the meme. This lets you see each comment in the order it was posted, so for example if you know you've read up through page 30 in flat view and you come back to flat view and there are 32 pages, you just have to check the last 2 pages. You can use the 'Parent' link at the bottom of a comment to help you follow threads.

Last but not least, remember to leave a comment when you read something you like. We're all anon here, so you don't have anything to be embarrassed about :D

And now, for your fic reading pleasure, here is the current list of filled prompts. If you've written or read something and you don't see it listed here, please let me know. It's very possible that I missed stuff. Remember to use the subject line (title it, call it 'untitled' or 'part x' or whatever) to make it easier to separate the fic from the other general comments. Also, let me know of any incorrect or broken links. Happy reading!

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